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Travel reopens, slowly for some..

Anyone that does not have an EU digital cert will be relegated to the 'slow lane' at airports when international travel resumes, the Government has just announced.

Well at long, long, long last we have what looks to be a return to travel. So pack your bags (but be sure to see my post on how to do that efficiently), grab the kids or do a Shirley Valentine on it and book a taxi to the airport for one... just make sure you plan for more time at the duty free and airport lounge as you'll need it!!

Green Party Junior Minister Ossian Smyth, told us that although the new certs won't be essential to fly abroad, thosewithout the document will face 'much more scrutiny' at immigration.

“Up to now, international travel has been restricted in Ireland for non-essential purposes. But starting on July 19th, you can visit friends & family and go on holidays. We’re coming to this after all the other countries - we’ve taken a more cautious approach. But we’re going to launch on Monday week.

"In preparation for that, we’re going to be sending out digital COVID certificates to two million Irish people who’ve been fully vaccinated. They’ll be sent out without you having to ask for them, by email or by post, starting early next week.

"If we have your email address, we’ll be sending it to you by email. If you receive it by post, just like a boarding pass it has a square barcode in the corner, and the information of how you got your vaccination. You can present that at the airport when you go through."

The NEW system means vaccinated people won’t have to isolate or do PCR tests, even if coming from non-EU countries such as the US - as long as the countries aren’t on the Red List. TO find out which countries are on the Red List click here -

The certs will be sent automatically to those who've been fully vaccinated, as well as anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 within the last six months or received a negative PCR test result 72 hours before their flight.

Those who've recovered from COVID-19 within the last six months or received a negative PCR test result before travel can also get a cert.

Anyone who receives a physical copy of the document in the post can take a picture of the barcode on their phone for easier access, but we recommend holding onto the paper document just in case.

The barcode contains your name and date of birth.

However, Minister Smyth also said that this is not a requirement for travel and people can also bring proof of vaccination or do a PCR test 72 hours before travelling but you’ll be in the slow lane, and you’ll be scrutinised much more. So if you are travelling without the digital cert make sure you give yourself at least an extra hour to check in and complete the process.

Short trips 'feasible again'

Some EU countries will have slightly different rules for arrivals, including different age limits for when children need to be tested before travelling - so click on this link to find out about the requirements of your destination country if in the EU.

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