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Indie Spice Restaurant Review.

Indie Spice are a well known small chain of Indian Restaurants with three restaurants in Swords, Naas and Sandymount. Their website states that Indie Spice Grill is a contemporary reflection of the eclectic and diverse history of Indian cuisine. Our experienced and dedicated chefs make every meal at our restaurant a taste sensation. Totally India Locally! Now my personal favourite in terms of cuisines is Indian, and there are a few exceptional examples in Dublin and the outer suburbs. So Indie Spice was going to have to impress. For our family of four we had to again keep in mind that some dishes might not be suitable for the kids but the chefs at the Sandymount restaurant made some great suggestions such as their butter chicken and one of the most popular indian dishes, chicken korma. Both come in childrens size portions and our kids loved them. Rich and creamy with hints of Indian spice that didn't overwhelm along with naan bread that they eagerly used to make sure they ate every bit of the sauce. For the spicy loving adults we opted for the classic onion bhaji which was made with just the right amount of tumeric and chili that got us in the mood for the spicy mains of Chicken Jalfrezi which is a finely balanced tomato, cumin, coriander and tumeric based recipe that is one of India best known dishes along with Malabari Prawns which were recommended by the chef. I sometimes worry that the prawns you might get can be small overcooked rubber but not these. They were large succulent jumbo prawns and that is why I would always recommend going for a Chef recommendation. These are the dishes they are most proud of so you know you are unlikely to be disappointed and we certainly weren't. In my opinion Indie SPice can sit alongside any Indian restaurant in Dublin with pride. The last thing that really was a surprise was the cost. Most of the main courses were less than €12! For the quality of ingredients and taste this was the most pleasantly surprising thing about the whole experience. Indie Spice do both delivery and collection from all of their restaurants so pretty much every area in Dublin is covered.
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