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Matt Damons favorite burger joint

Woodfire and Green is a trendy family run New York style eatery located in the heart of the Sandyford Business Park, Run by Deirdre Fitzgerald and her brother Patrick.

The restaurant is usually jam packed with businesses from nearby Microsoft and Vodafone and bank of America, all clamouring for their artisan pizzas, flatbreads, salads, burgers and more.

The brunch on the patio is legendary.

During covid times the dynamic duo came up with the legendary idea of burger boxes and they were such a hit they're here to stay.

Deirdre and her brother Patrick began by packaging their much loved pizzas and burgers with all of the condiments, including Patrick’s secret burger sauce, as well as their homemade pizza sauce.

Perfectly proportioned boxes along with fool proof instructions on how each could be cooked at home adds to the excitement and the kids love the novelty.

Although nothing really makes up for a wood fired pizza oven, the results were fantastic and the pizzas were done to perfection after only 7 mins in our regular oven.

The burgers were top quality angus beef with a little packet that contained American cheese, iceberg lettuce and brioche burger buns.

Deirdre said: “We moved to an online ordering system immediately with a Collection Service for our Woodfired Pizzas, Wings, Dressed Fries and Takeout Beer and Wines.

“Pretty soon afterwards The Kit Box Collection was designed and launched within days. The Kit Box Collection is a series of DIY Kit Boxes which allows customers to produce restaurant quality food at home with step by step instructions on how to cook like a pro!

“The collection consists of The Burger Box (4 and 6 pack), The Pizza Box, The Lamb Kofta Box and The Nacho Box.

“At Woodfire and Green, we live to eat! Our food is crafted with love and creativity – every step of the process is designed to deliver food that is unique and the quality unbeatable."

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