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Less Screentime... more Greentime!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Coaxing toddlers and teens off screens can be a nightmare. So how do you get your kids more into greentime and less screentime? We’ve all been guilty of allowing the electronic babysitter to take over.

It’s easier to put the kids in front of the telly or the Xbox especially when working from home has us all going batty! Summer camps can cost the earth, so here are some easy ideas that have worked for us over the years.

The best things in life are free! We always find that regardless of how many fancy trips we do, beach days out with a simple picnic is always a winner.

1. Make a list of various parks to visit where a free activity is taking place.

If you’re on a tight budget, local parks usually have free music or free nature activities. From rose festivals (Our favourite one is St Annes in Raheny Dublin) to local viking events, parks are a great place to revel in activity. Phoenix Park

Find your park on Facebook, for attractions nationwide.

2. Getting your little ones gardening

Our kids got such a buzz this year out of planting their own seeds.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the little lettuce heads sprouting up.

Gardening reduces stress and anger, improves confidence and keeps the kids active.

You can add watering the plants onto the list of summer chores.

I found this year by giving the girls their own project where they had to weed and water meant they were more invested.

3. Check out the free activities in the area and always bring a picnic.

With events opening up again, there are always cool locations for a picnic in your area.

From playgrounds to beaches our girls love the thrill of eating outdoors. Even if it drizzles it’s still fun. Another thing we love to do which does sound a bit morbid is to visit graveyards. Erin and Eila always seem to get really zen whenever we wander around the tombstones!

4. Get old school creative

For rainy days building a fort in the living room never ceases to thrill.

Pillow forts, blankets, chairs can lead to all sorts of tent games. If the weather is good, we let the girls build the fort on our little green. They love pretending to hide out in the fort and playhouse! An oldie but a goodie!

5. Keepsake your family summer.

My girls love collecting things, whether it’s cinema stubs or rocks and shells from our beach days out. So why not make a collage out of your summer?

For your family fun activities take a pic and print it out either in the photo books or one by one, it’s so lovely to have the physical memory from each adventure.

When the kids look at the board, you’ll get more adventure inspiration.

6. Bring back odd jobs.

My girls are only five and almost three and already they’re enthralled at door to door selling.

Erin got a birthday present of a jewellery making set and both she and Eila have been selling their wares door to door!

For the bigger teens, there’s car washing, mowing lawns and the ever reliable babysitting which is still big business!

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