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It's raining... again! Indoor ideas for kids

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Ireland is a wonderful country of greenery and nature. But that green needs rain, and we get a lot of it! As I look out the window its pouring down and so I decided to write down some of the activities we have done with the kids over the past few days as our summer takes a break!

Bake without losing your sanity.

I was genuinely surprised about how keen my girls were to learn baking. I guess the lure of some cupcakes at the end was partly the reason for the interest but we have now moved onto more healthy treats such as chocolate and maple nut bar (Daddy’s recipe), oat muffins and more. Its a messy but bonding experience that really helps kids learn important lessons about food.

Let the kids raid their closet and put on a fashion show.

I don't think we have laughed as much as we did a few days ago when we allowed our girls to wear whatever they wanted from their wardrobe to put on a fashion show. I gave them some of my cheap jewelry which was the icing on the cake.

Get everyone together for an indoor scavenger hunt.

I honestly got this idea from one of my favourite TV shows Motherland on Netflix. In one kids birthday party scene a savvy Mum throws a pound coin into the living room and tells the kids to go find it. Presto a cheap birthday party game. I’m not quite that cynical and so I did a bit more with some small treats and coins around the house. It kept the girls busy for ages! They literally didn't want to give up even when everything was found they were convinced that they must have missed something.

Pop some kernels and watch a classic movie.

I read some time ago about the health hazards associated with microwave popcorn and so I now opt for the kernels in the pot. The girls love standing on chairs and watching them pop. It adds another element to the excitement of a Pixar or Disney movie with a blankie with Mummy and Daddy.

Blow up some balloons, toss 'em in the air, and don't let them touch the ground.

We had some leftover balloons from Erins birthday party which we blew up and played ‘keepie uppie’ with. Its mad how this simple game keeps them moving and excited for far longer than it should!

Make a watercolor masterpiece.

Cover the kitchen table with newspaper. Make the kids wear aprons or old clothes and put some paper and water paints down in front of them and sit back while they discover their inner Picasso!

Pull out the building blocks and Legos to create a mini city.

I always think of the lego movie scene where Will Ferrel and his son play with lego at the end of the film. Its very heartfelt and making a lego creation with your kids is another great bonding experience that can eat up a good chunk of rainy day.

Build a fort

My girls love making their own forts both inside and outside the house. I think it gives them a sense of independence to be in their own little home where they make the rules. Its also very cute to watch.

Classic Games

Use hallways for classic games like "Red Light, Green Light. Its another simple game that doesn't wreck the gaff and one that kids of all ages get and enjoy.

Build an indoor obstacle course.

This happens in our house with regularity. I don't even have to do a thing. Its something that I witness as soon as I turn around for more than 10 minutes. But I have to admit it does keep them active. And its fun to hear them shout “The floor is lava”

Make jewelry from string and odd bits and pieces… even macaroni or pasta!

Erin got a present of a jewelry making set and she loves it. She even made a few bead bracelets and sold them around the neighbourhood. I was just so proud. But if you don't have this to hand then you can always use macaroni painted different colours and a piece of thread or string.

Make a time capsule.

We did this a couple of years ago as a memory box and we add to it every so often. Our girls are fascinated and keep presenting me with things to put in it, such as their latest painting. I know that I will cry like mad when we come to open it in a few years and all of the memories flood back. So if you don't have one start one today.

Have a dance party.

I like to dance… my girls like to dance… so we often have dance parties! Its a great way to just get the kids off the couch, explore themselves and get moving. I think it might instill a love of dance later in life, which is only a good thing.

Pull out the old board games.

We recently broke out the old snakes and ladders board game with our 14 year old James and the girls. And we laughed and laughed as Daddy kept getting the snake. It also became oddly competitive which is good for when the suggestion is to break out the game for a rematch.

Face painting

My girls have a near unhealthy obsession with make up. And what's more baffling is that I rarely wear it so I have no idea where this fondness comes from. So when we had face painting crayons left over from Erins birthday party it was a great idea to break them out and start a face painting competition. Just bring a mirror to the kitchen table and let them channel their own makeup artist.

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