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Hello... Halloween

I am old fashioned and proud! I am also frugal (not mean, theres a difference) and proud, and I am also sometimes late to the party, not so proud. I tell you this because my girls are about to have their 1st real trick or treat Halloween and I had seen some advertisements for pretty decent looking kids Halloween costumes in LIDL and thought they would actually make the basis of some cool costumes and I could just add some scary fairy dust and presto I would have great costumes that were also a bit unique. I also had the idea that the girls could help design some additions for their costumes too.

However when I trotted on in to our local LIDL all of the costumes were sold out… 2 weeks before Halloween and there were no more coming in. I was really surprised as I was almost congratulating myself on being early as I skipped through the doors.

So I was reminded that when you make plans… God laughs. I was going to engage with my creative side and get the girls to participate in making something for Halloween, instead of buying the over-priced, worn once outfits (much like wedding dresses, but I don't recommend you make your own one of those). So I sat down with my good friend Google and started to look for inspiration. Here are some of my better finds that you can make easily with things that you have at home or can easily pick up in your local Spar…

Ted Lasso

Characters from Films and TV are always a popular choice and if you think about it hard enough there are tonnes that you can replicate from everyday kids clothes... it just takes a bit of imagination.

Star Wars

A pair of beige pants, an judo top (that was used once) or white shirt folded over and tied with a belt and a cheap Jedi sword and voila... Luke Skywalker.

Inside and Out

Cardboard boxes are your best friend here. They can be used as masks, cars and even horses (see below)


Most kids have enough day to day clothes to fashion a cowboy outfit. But the real wow factor comes from two cardboard boxes and a some markers or paint and now your little cowboy has their trusty steed!

A Haunted House

Once again cardboard to the rescue. There are literally dozens of ideas that can be made in a similar way. Such as the lego man below.

Lego man

He might not be a superhero but he gets the job done!

Bubble bath

After cardboard your next best friend is balloons. This is a really cute idea that I could see working for an adults costume too, just add a glass of wine for the full effect.

A Raspberry

Balloons to the rescue again.

A Stick Figure

So simple its scary! I think it could easily become the next slasher character from a teen horror film too!

Men in Black

Look through your kids wardrobe. You will often forget items that they have. If he / she ever had to wear something resembling a suit for a confirmation or wedding then its time to get a second wearing from it.

A Cereal Killer

See what was done here? Cleaver and funny can win the race!

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