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As a big fan of Indian cuisine I got excited about trying a new restaurant and I had never had a meal from TAZA Restaurant.

The main reason for this is that the restaurant is new to the scene having being opened by Chef Arshad who had previously been a key member of the team at one of the best Indian and Pakastani restaurant, Kinara.

Located in Artane in Dublin 5 it was Chef Arshads aim to create a menu that contained old classic Pakistani and Eastern Food with some modern twists including a home favourite, literally.

One of the most popular dishes, and the first we ordered when viewing the menu, was the Farah's Chicken Karahi which is a speciality of Chef Arshads wife which is a spicy homestyle chicken on the bone curry with fragrant spices, which married to the fact that TAZA use free range chicken was an instant "yes" from me.

The resulting dish was simply a delicious, succulent, aromatic delight that is actually a romantic meal when shared between two.

I got the sense that no one was going to mess up what is obviously a long practiced recipe.

We complemented this with some starters and had to go for the Molly Malone Masala, with cockles and mussels delicately cooked in a mild spicy coconut broth it was the perfect example of the modern twist that TAZA aims at and it certainly hit the mark, with a roti bread to mop up it was a meal in itself.

We then had the usual trimmings to any Pakastani meal including my favourite naan bread accompaniment, Palak Paneer, which is a creamy spinach and cheese dip and and the TAZA dal which were both done to perfection.

The other mention of note was an exciting kids menu. All too often overlooked and inhabited with chicken nuggets or fish fingers the TAZA menu was tantalising even to me, with fried Haddock, Malai Chicken and everyone's introduction to Pakistani and Indian food, the mild chicken Korma and Tikka Masala. Bravo

Main courses are sizable and we even had enough left over for a nice lunch the next day.

A great addition to the list of quality Asian eateries in the city.

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