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Get em out without getting stressed out!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Most kids thrive when they have a routine. Here are a few tips I’ll be using as we head back to school (for the first time for Eila and big school for Erin). I think that most of these tips are great for kids all ages too!

The morning routine for school needs to be totally simple. To do that I’ll do as much as I can the night before. I know it’s not easy at first, but it’s such a great habit to get into that gets the hard things out of the way and off your mind!

  1. Start the week before waking up earlier. Yes, I know hard this is but it will help set your child’s internal clock to wake up earlier for school! Try to wake up just 15 minutes earlier each day until you’re on a “school day” schedule.

  2. Keep a calendar and / or a ‘Don’t forget list’ on your fridge so you don’t get stuck with any last minute surprises in the mornings.

  3. Do your kids wake up whiny? Busy school mornings are tough enough, even without whiny children. Help your child stop whining with these simple phrases. “I can’t hear you when you use that voice”Try that again” And as soon as they change their tone you should reinforce their deciosn with “I love when speak like that”

  4. Like my post about school lunches, make a list of breakfast choices together, then let them choose their favorite in the morning. I will post a few healthy suggestions soon such as healthy pancakes, porridge recipe that actually rocks, granola and more...

  5. Keep bags and backpacks in the exact same spot by the front door every day. Hooks are your best friend here!

  6. Help everyone stay focused and make a “no screen time before school” rule. I have the same rule for meal times. Its kinda surprising how quick they adapt to it if you keep the rule consistent. I also have a similar rule for our teen son James that he cannot have his phone in his room at bedtime but has to charge it downstairs. He now does this without me having to remind him.

  7. Play music at breakfast to help everyone wake up cheerfully. This is my favorite trick to make any transition easier! I even have a playlist of uplifting energetic songs and I ask my son James to make a suggestion from time to time to add to the playlist. Personally I love to start with Bob Marleys Three Little Birds… ‘every little thing is gonna be alright’...

  8. Hang clothes for the next day all together. Thismakes getting dressed in the morning so much easier!

Going back to school is a tough for most families, particularly after the pandemic. But if you make a plan for your family’s morning routine for school (and stick to it!) you’ll set your kids up for a year full of successful mornings and you won’t feel like you need a Gin and Tonic at 10am!

Put in a little hard work now and reap the rewards all school year!

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