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About Us

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to check out our family lifestyle website. I initially started this site as a personal journey to catalogue my experiences particularly after the birth of my first daughter. As it has grown I have come to realize that there is no end to what lessons I have learned and am still learning and I thought that it might help others to know some of the things that I have learned from others and things that I have discovered myself, usually after several attempts. I hope you get something from your time here, even if it is just a slow knowing nod about family life.                                                                                       Siobhan X 


I received my degree in Communications from Trinity College Dublin when I was 22 years old and I have worked in media ever since. Initially I was a TV presenter on Irelands largest breakfast show called Ireland AM. I then joined 98fm’s Morning Crew where we were the No 1 radio show. After almost 5 years I was given my own radio show called The Showbiz Show where I worked for 4 years. I joined The Irish Mirror as their columnist about 7 years ago where I still work. A lot of my work involves interviewing celebrities and stars and over the years I have interviewed most of the biggest names in Entertainment, so much so that I forget a lot of them. When I had my first child, Erin, I took a passionate interest in all things parenting. I am also an ambassador for Breast Feeding Ireland and the Save the Seas initiative. I still work as a contributor on several radio and TV shows including The Elaine Show, The Tonight Show, The Stephen Nolan show at the BBC. I am also a qualified fitness trainer.



As one half of our parenting duo John is a very hands on Dad. He has definitely changed more nappies and dealt with more tantrums than I have. He truly has the patience of a saint and I always wonder at how he explains things to our girls in a way that they can understand. When he is not doing piggy backs and the likes John is a film and TV producer. His shows would be very well known in Ireland and he is now also working with some really big names on International projects, which is very exciting for him. He is also an award winning travel writer.


James is John’s 14 year old son from a previous relationship. He is a wonderfully kind soul who still spends so much of his time playing with his much younger sisters who just idolise him. He is a huge part of our family and we are not complete when he is not with us. So we are a blended family and thankfully we all get along so well, in fact James's Mum even takes our girls for sleepovers at her house and they just love her. Like most kids his age James likes playing X box with his friends but he also loves rock climbing and swimming. So its all about balance.



Erin is our very outgoing 4 year old. She will stop every time we meet a dog to pet it and bombard the owner with questions about the dog and ultimately invite both the dog and their owner to her birthday. She is extremely inquisitive and is particularly interested in snails for some reason. She is a natural dancer and loves doing ballet.


Eila is the last, but certainly not the least in our family. She might be the smallest package but she sure doesn't realise that and she gives more than she gets. She is fearless and is always sporting a bruise on her forehead or a scab on her knee. Eila will overcome any and all obstacles in her way as she seeks out the packet of cookies or tin of fairy cakes. But she will always grab one for sister when she does.

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